A lab technician checks on algae cultures. ZIVO has collaborated with AzCATI to optimize its proprietary algal strain for commercial cultivation.

Through the millennia, mankind has searched for health enhancement opportunities in the plants, animals, and minerals available in the natural world. Many of today’s most effective and widely-used dietary supplements, and even medicines, can trace their roots to natural substances. A number of these natural substances have been replaced by chemical or synthetic versions, but they served an important purpose by fostering a better understanding of the bodily mechanisms of response and reactivity.

Platform Strategy

The Company’s core intellectual property consists of the algae culture itself, the patented process of producing that culture, and the nutritive or bioactive components that can be extracted, as well as the application of that culture or extract in supporting health and longevity.

ZIVO algae strain growing in 240L panel bioreactors. Photo courtesy of AzCATI and Arizona State University

Potential partners and licensees require proof that the Company’s nutritional and active components deliver on claims. Over the last four years, the Company has engaged in a variety of rigorous and validation tests and studies to prove such claims, and is committed to continue in order to monetize the intellectual property. Further, in order to meet compliance regulations, set forth by the FDA, USDA, EPA, and FTC, the Company conducts tests for safety, interactions, and stability. In many cases, the same test data can be shared, particularly in food and supplement applications for humans or animals. This creates a complex matrix of priorities and deliverables, calling for a platform strategy to clearly differentiate the intellectual property in hand and which applications are closest to market.

Product Platform

The table below describes the platforms and their potential uses.

Algal Biomass

Pilot production ponds at Vero Beach facility, managed by AzCATI

This platform segment represents the sustainable, non-GMO algal biomass harvested from the culture, dried and marketed as a natural food/feed ingredient or additive. Initially, this product will be targeted at high-volume, low-volume applications such as human dietary supplements, specialized protein products and livestock feed additives. As the production base builds, the superior nutritional profile will come into play as the biomass is positioned as a plant-based source of high quality protein and other nutrients. Once the biomass is accepted by the FDA, as a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) food ingredient or as an NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) for supplements, the Company intends to execute offtake agreements with producers globally, connect them with food processors, and license this natural product as the nutritive ingredient in functional foods, sports beverages and dietary supplements for human use, and as feed ingredients or dietary supplement ingredients for animal applications, including bovine mastitis, bovine respiratory disease, canine osteoarthritis and the like.

This platform segment represents the mechanical extraction to separate high-value compounds from the culture without the use of solvents or energy-intensive processes to arrive at an extract in liquid state. This represents another source of revenue from the same culture as the algal biomass, and is harvested at the same time. The extract can be mixed with other ingredients or excipients to create supplements or foods.

Bioactive Compounds
The elucidated, characterized natural molecules that are isolated from the extract form yet another platform segment for highly refined ingredients in foods or beverages, as well as potential derivative ingredients in medicinal or pharmaceutical applications. These isolated, characterized molecules are intended to be licensed to pharmaceutical or drug development companies as a template for creating synthetic versions of the natural molecule for therapeutic use. The Company would retain use of the natural molecules for its human food and supplement applications.